H2k win Assembly Winter

Richard Wells - April 23rd, 14, 16:04 pm

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H2k have won Assembly Winter 2014 and 3,000€ with a 2-1 win (12-16 on de_dust2, 16-5 on de_inferno, 16-8 on de_mirage) over Minttu in the grand final.

H2k made it to the grand final with a 2-0 besting of ENCE eSports in the day’s first semi-final, winning de_dust2 19-15 in overtime, with a convincing 16-7 victory on de_inferno to clinch the series.

For Minttu the semi-final was much easier, as they simply ran over Partyastronauts 2-0 with 16-2 and 16-7 wins on de_dust2 and de_inferno, thus sending the Norwegians to a third place decider with ENCE.

ENCE had a much easier time in the third place decider, as they quickly took down Partyastronauts 16-11 on de_dust2, followed by a 16-6 win on de_train to secure a podium finish and 500€.


1st place at ASM Winter 2014

In the grand final Timi “aslak” Verkkoperä continued his amazing form, finishing de_dust2 with a 1.64 K/D ratio as his team won the map 16-12 after a reasonable 10-5 terrorist half.

Second map saw H2k completely run over Minttu on their defensive side of de_inferno, putting up twelve rounds with Minttu only replying with two wins before losing the map 5-16.

The Norwegians gained an early lead as terrorists on de_mirage and never let go of the reigns. They led 8-7 at half, and finished the series with an 8-1 defensive half for a 16-8 win.

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