H2k pairs up with Gamers Apparel!

jeremy - April 29th, 14, 10:06 am


We are delighted to announce today that H2k-Gaming has a new clothing partner in the form of the UK based, Gamers Apparel.

While Gamers Apparel is a relatively new enterprise in the eSports scene, in the short time that they have been active, they have produced some of the most creative designs and innovative branding projects we have seen.

We at H2k are really excited to be able to start working with GA on our upcoming 2014 Team range, and you can also start looking forward to some of these ideas appearing in the fast approaching, official H2k Store!

The decision to work with Gamers Apparel was fast and easy. After only a couple of discussions with (CEO) Jamie Harris, it was clear that GA and H2k was a perfect match. These guys are at the forefront of innovation and development and a great example of how a ‘clothing company’ can be so much more than just that. Gamers Apparel have a strong ethos and business plan that incorporates exciting current projects and future expansion. We are truly delighted to be working with them.  ”
Richard Wells - H2k-Gaming General Manager 


“Gamers Apparel LTD are happy to officially announce our most recent partners, H2k!
After talking with the management of H2k we soon came to realise that they have the same goals as us. That is to provide eSports with the next level of merchandise for the players and fans also.
We look forward to a prosperous partnership between Gamers Apparel LTD and H2k.
Good times are ahead of us!”
Jamie Harris – Gamers Apparel CEO

With a highly skilled and friendly service, Gamers Apparel also have unparalleled production speed, and we highly recommend you follow them on all social media platforms.

For design portfolios and general updates, you can find them on:

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