H2k move into Infinite Crisis

Richard Wells - August 20th, 14, 16:07 pm

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Today H2k-Gaming is delighted to announce the acquisition of Infinite Crisis lineup “Envision Squad”.

The move represents the start of something bigger for our organisation, as we begin again to focus on our long term goal of having multiple teams in different games, playing at a truly professional level.

The team have been practising tirelessly for the past few weeks preparing for the ESL season finals which will be hosted in Colonge next month. The new H2k lineup are one of 4 teams qualified along with teams such as Dignitas and Na’vi who will compete for the title.


First of all we’d like to welcome the guys to H2k-Gaming. I took a meeting with Adam a while ago and went from knowing almost nothing about the scene to having a strong interest in both the game itself and the obvious potential it has as a growing eSport.

The makers (Turbine) are actively supporting the competitive scene and all the indicators are there to suggest that both the game and this lineup can place their stamp on gaming. We look forward to taking the first steps with this team! ”
Richard Wells – H2k-Gaming General Manager

H2k Infinite Crisis:

Adam ‘tSpark’ Gatt
Julien ‘Mindslug’ Majnoun
Sander ‘sandder’ Pärtel
Jesús ‘Soulz’ Painceira
Marek ‘Envision’ Pihel


Earlier this year we were just five guys playing Infinite Crisis for fun, and a couple of us trying our skills out in the beta championships. Who would’ve thought, that now, about 6 months later we’d be at the end of the first season, amongst the top 4 teams in Europe, fighting for our chance to call ourselves seasonal champions. To make the ride to the finals even more exciting, we are also immensely pleased to be joining H2k Gaming, as their Infinite Crisis Pro Team.

There are no words that can express how the team feels, one tried to say thrilled, but that doesn’t even come close to how we are feeling.
Feelings aside, we would like to thank the H2k Management for taking us on board, and are committed to giving our two hundred percent into preparing ourselves for the finals, where we will be facing the other European powerhouses, amongst which are NaVi and Team Dignitas. ”
Adam ‘tSpark’ Gatt – Team Manager


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