H2k Challenger Champions again!

Richard Wells - August 11th, 14, 09:57 am

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Champions again!

Well that was quite the roller-coaster wasn’t it? It all seemed to be going so well until a valiant comeback from SK: Prime saw us go to a 5th and deciding game.

H2k were simply irrepressible during the first 2 games, Febiven leading from the front in game 1 with some very strong Ahri plays, Odoamne also putting in an excellent performance as Nidalee with a deathless game, providing some great poke and lane pressure throughout. The bot lane of Hjarnan and AoD similarly in game 2 were excellent, controlling the early game with and Kog’maw snowballing the lane.

Despite Ryze getting first blood in game 3, H2k were unable to keep SKP’s better early comp from getting ahead. And with Maokai being left open for Smitty, SKP were able to scale well and comfortably stay ahead for an easy victory.

Similar comps were picked by both teams again in game 4 and bot lane was unable to get going for H2k, with superior early jungle pressure from Kikis’ Jarvan, getting himself and Corki ahead early. Unfortunately H2k were unable to find a way back into the game despite 7 kills on Febiven as SKP were already too far ahead.

The 5th game was H2k going back to what had worked for them in games 1&2, Trashy back and performing fantastically on Lee Sin and Odoamne taking full advantage on what many in the community believe to be an over powered Maokai. Trashy’s early ganks were flawless and Hjarnan’s Lucian was likewise on point, dominating the bot lane along with some good bubbles by AoD. SKP found themselves engaged teamfight after teamfight but rarely coming out on top, creating a huge early game lead for H2k (around 15k gold lead at one point). And though the game was perhaps more drawn out than it could have been, H2k comfortably finished the game off, Odoamne constantly jumping in, often hugely outnumbered, tanking up all the damage as the destruction dealers swept in afterwards.

Victory in the 5th saw H2k crowned Challenger Series Champions again! Now onto Gamescom!

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