We are always ready to assist our customers and fans with friendly and knowledgeable advice and fast response times. If you need any assistance please use the details below to contact us.


Richard Wells

Chief Executive Officer

Richard is in charge of the running of H2k-Gaming. Responsible for Staff assignment and recruitement. Partner and sponsorship management.

Mathias Johanson

Project Manager

Mathias is H2k’s lead project manager and responsible for increasing H2k’s reach and popularity through mediums such as streaming ,personel and team recruitment. Head of creative projects relating to revenue development.


Jeremy Suchowolski

Brand Manager / Social Media

Jeremy is responsible for constructing and maintaining H2k’s image through various platforms such as social media, websites, news, clothing and merchandise.  Jeremy also assists in the directing of H2k as a developing brand from an artistic and marketable standpoint.


Tijl Casteleyn

League of Legends Liaison

Tijl is H2k’s Correspondant and point of contact for 3rd party companies and general League of Legends enquiries. Project operative and PA to Head management.

Benedichte Breistøl


Freelance writer, editor and website page manager for H2k. eSports coverage, specifically League of Legends.